Everett Design Regulations

CommunityScale team members wrote the Everett Design Regulations working closely with Everett staff and the Everett Planning Board. Capitalizing on Everett’s increasing attractiveness in the market, the regulations help the City translate increasing development value into high quality urban fabric.

The regulations support Everett’s ambition to have consistently high-quality site and architectural design. The guidelines also address pre-existing conditions related to existing uses and buildings. The guidelines are primarily principle based rather than strictly prescriptive. This affords applicants the flexibility to design creatively.

Applying lessons learned by observing how rapid redevelopment has unfolded in surrounding communities as well as within local pockets, we worked with the city to create tools to support a proactive position whereby new investment can be optimally channeled toward the public good and unintended consequences minimized, including a new Site Plan Review process.


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