Greenfield Housing Study public meeting video

Jeff Sauser led a public discussion about housing needs in Greenfield, MA. Our needs assessment for this community looks at both the local pent up demand as well as market demand from the region to establish priorities and goals.

Jeff Sauser presents at the Greenfield Housing Study Meeting, May 22, 2024

The meeting included a range of local community members and stakeholders. The presentation led to a lively discussion about housing needs and opportunities across Greenfield, including:

  • Renters’ challenges finding affordable units that are in good repair
  • Aspiring homeowners difficulties competing for limited houses and affording high prices with today’s elevated interest rates
  • Residents concerns about how infill and ADUs can be designed to fit into established neighborhoods
  • Stakeholders’ interest in adding more housing downtown to support the district’s revitalization

Next steps in this process include incorporating public meeting feedback into a full draft housing needs assessment report; developing strategies and policies to help Greenfield achieve its housing production and affordability goals, and building an online dashboard to summarize key findings and recommendations.


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