Housing Needs Assessment for Harrison County, Kentucky

To set the stage for this housing needs assessment, meetings with Cynthiana City and Harrison County leadership have informed the following set of goals and priorities for housing development and policy moving forward:

GROWTH GOAL: Promote and accelerate growth moderately, especially in the City.

ATTAINABILITY GOAL: Preserve existing affordable housing stock and support the local economy to bolster residents’ ability to access attainable housing.

LAND USE GOAL: Accommodate all housing types as the market demands, locating higher density units in appropriate locations such as in and around downtown Cynthiana.

Combining the analysis contained within this housing needs assessment with the community’s housing policy goals and priorities results in the housing production target tabulated at right of a total of 200 units in the next 10 years. This constitutes the primary results from this report.

The table includes housing mix by price points and bedroom counts. The Results section of the report also includes a breakdown by tenure (rent/own) and a comparison of how this mix compares to the mix of recently developed housing in the community and the total housing stock overall.

Harrison County’s housing production target includes units calibrated for middle incomes as well as units priced at and above current area median incomes. This mix reflects local leadership’s intention to maintaining current levels of attainability while also attracting a meaningful amount of new market-rate development.

Read the full report (PDF)