Our approach to Housing Needs Assessment

A new approach at a critical moment

Housing attainability and affordable new development have become challenges for nearly every community in the country. Housing needs assessments and market studies are foundational steps toward better strategies and policymaking to confront this mounting crisis – but only if they are delivered in ways that advance the conversation, fit within tightening budgets, and lead to results. An example report is accessible online.

We bring several unique approaches our housing study work for a more accessible, affordable, and actionable product:

Online, not stuck on a shelf. We deliver our work in the form of a dynamic website with a customizable URL. Anyone in the community can access all study content, interact with dynamic charts and maps.

Data-driven, not a judgement call. Our housing studies are built from deep data analysis with an emphasis on empirical measurements drawing from trustworthy public sources and real-time datasets.

Renewable, not aging-in-place. Especially in today’s rapidly changing housing market, studies can quickly fall out of date and need to be re-bid and repeated frequently to catch up to the latest trends. We offer to update the study without any effort required on our clients’ part.

Self-explanatory, not lost in translation. All too often, a consultant’s findings are only intelligible when explained by the consultant themselves. We offer a slide deck with speaker notes so anyone can understand and present the findings themselves.

Transparent, not a black box. We believe in showing our work so the community doesn’t have to “take our word for it.” Our studies include links to the spreadsheets behind the charts and citations for all primary sources we pull data from.

Shape the trajectory, don’t only reflect the problem. The best measure of a successful project is the degree to which it inspires action and spurs implementation. Our findings inform policy changes and catalyze housing production.

Understanding the full spectrum of incomes and housing needs

Jeff Armstrong, AICP
Director of Planning and Development Services
City of Mesquite, Texas

“Team members from CommunityScale contributed to a Housing Study for our city. The study was thorough, detailed and comprehensive. They were flexible when we requested specific changes and completed the project on schedule even though our city processes caused the project to commence later than planned. They provided high quality deliverables and information that we have put to practical use. I would recommend them for your housing needs assessment.”