Launching a Housing Production Plan for the Town of Lancaster

CommunityScale is excited to launch a Housing Production Plan (HPP) for the Town of Lancaster, Massachusetts, in collaboration with Levine Planning Strategies. This project aims to create an EOHLC-compliant plan that addresses the town’s housing needs.

Our methodology includes an in-depth housing needs assessment, stakeholder interviews, and community engagement. Committed to aligning with Lancaster’s distinct personality and goals, we aspire to cultivate a process that welcomes all voices, ensuring a well-rounded and informed community conversation around housing.

In order to complete the Housing Production Plan, we will leverage data-driven methodologies that inform strategies and meet the community’s current and future housing needs. We bring several unique approaches to our housing needs assessment and production plan work for a more accessible, affordable, and actionable product. Our housing studies are built directly from deep data analysis with an emphasis on empirical measurements. We draw from trustworthy public resources and incorporate real-time datasets whenever possible.

Housing attainability and affordable new development have become challenges for nearly every community in the country. Housing needs assessments are foundational steps toward better strategies and policymaking to confront this mounting crisis – but only if they are delivered in ways that advance the conversation and lead to results. We believe the best measure of a successful project is the degree to which it inspires action and spurs implementation. We structure our analysis and findings to directly inform policy changes and development plans so our study serves as a catalyst for new housing production.

Introducing CommunityScale LLC

CommunityScale is a leader in urban planning consultancy, specializing in housing studies, economic mobility, and leveraging data for informed decision-making. We are excited to partner with Levine Planning Strategies on this project to pursue innovation in planning and housing policy.


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