CommunityScale writing MBTA Communities zoning for Town of Duxbury

We are excited to announce we’ve been selected by the Town of Duxbury to support their pursuit of compliance with the MBTA Communities Law. As part of this effort, we will draft multi-family zoning for the town of 16,000 on Massachusetts’ South Shore.  

This project aims to develop zoning that not only helps Duxbury achieve compliance with the law known as 3A, but also encourages smart, sustainable, and complementary development in key areas around town. Dimensional standards and design guidelines will promote a distinctly New England village look-and-feel while drawing from local precedent. We’re excited to use novel spatial analyses and a variety of engagement methods to test compliance scenarios and help Duxbury select a compliance pathway that supports their goals.   

CommunityScale is working with Stantec’s Urban Places on this effort. Project details and updates will be available on the Town’s MBTA Communities webpage


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