Greenfield launch CommunityScale Housing Study

Launching a Housing Plan for the City of Greenfield

CommunityScale is excited to launch a Housing Plan with the City of Greenfield, focusing on addressing the critical housing needs of the community. This project marks a collaborative effort to harness data-driven insights for smarter urban planning and policy-making, ensuring housing attainability and sustainability in Greenfield’s evolving market.

The Greenfield Housing Plan will be spearheaded by Jeff Sauser, a Greenfield resident and CommunityScale’s co-founding Principal, ensuring the project benefits from local insights and direct community involvement. Levine Planning Strategies, renowned for their work in affordable housing policy, joins the project, bringing a wealth of experience from across New England to tailor solutions that meet Greenfield’s unique challenges.

Key components of the project include a comprehensive Housing Needs Assessment to determine current and future demands, interactive community engagement through a dynamic website, and a focus on actionable insights to inform policy and development. The plan will outline strategies to improve housing affordability and meet the diverse needs of the community through targeted policy recommendations and a detailed housing production strategy.

We look forward to partnering with the City of Greenfield and its residents to develop a future where everyone has access to affordable, high-quality housing.