Honolulu launch CommunityScale Housing Study

Launching a Housing Plan for Honolulu

CommunityScale is excited to announce its collaboration with the City and County of Honolulu, Hawaii, to develop a comprehensive and forward-looking housing plan. This strategic partnership aims to tackle the pressing housing needs of the city, ensuring affordability and accessibility for all residents.

CommunityScale, spearheaded by Jeff Sauser, has joined forces with notable subconsultants Abt Associates, led by Kimberly Burnett, and Affordable Housing Connections, led by Kevin Carney. This powerhouse team combines local expertise and national insight to create sustainable housing solutions tailored to Honolulu’s unique landscape.

The project will focus on a detailed analysis of current housing conditions, integrating cutting-edge analytics to identify and address gaps in housing supply and affordability. A series of innovative engagement strategies, including interactive online mapping and community workshops, will ensure broad stakeholder involvement.

Key activities will include assessing regulatory barriers, enhancing the efficiency of housing production processes, and employing technology to improve public participation and project transparency. The team’s approach is designed to foster rapid consensus and actionable strategies, enhancing housing stability and equity across Honolulu.

CommunityScale and its partners are committed to empowering communities through data-driven planning and policy solutions.