Housing study

Data-driven and interactive assessments for a variety of use cases

CommunityScale offers data-driven and interactive housing needs assessments that are based on many factors, including forecasted growth by income group and the actual choices of households who have recently moved within the greater region in terms of their income and housing selection. Get in touch if you, your community, or your region are interested in learning more.


Use cases for housing needs assessments

Comprehensive plan housing elements

CommunityScale’s Housing Needs Assessment report is customizable to meet your state’s comprehensive planning (general plan) reporting requirements. It will include pertinent demographic data and spatial analysis. We will collaborate with your team to identify and outline your community’s specific housing needs, including ideal locations, objectives, and strategies.

Massachusetts Housing Production Plans

A tailored version of CommunityScale’s Housing Needs Assessment meets the requirements of Housing Production Plan (HPP) submissions to the EOHLC. The HPP will feature essential data and identify constraints, and our team will assist in pinpointing your community’s preferred housing sites, objectives, and approaches to development.

Connecticut Municipal Affordable Housing Plans

A tailored version of CommunityScale’s Housing Needs Assessment meets the requirements of Connecticut’s CGS 8-30j amended by Public Act 23-137 Section 55 that requires each municipality to adopt an Affordable Housing Plan once every five years.

New Jersey Mount Laurel Obligations

A tailored version of CommunityScale’s Housing Needs Assessment will work with processes and practices for towns to meet their Mount Laurel affordable housing obligations.

HUD Consolidated Plan

CommunityScale’s Housing Needs Assessments can be tailored to meet a HUD Consortium’s 5-year Consolidated Plan, including Needs Assessment (NA-10 Housing Needs Assessment) and Market Assessment report sections.

Private sector master plan support

CommunityScale’s Housing Needs Assessments provide private developers with comprehensive market and needs insights to establish robust housing programs and support project justifications for entitlement processes. Our model delivers detailed market data and analysis, enabling developers to pinpoint housing demands and tailor their projects to meet community needs. By leveraging our assessments, developers can strengthen their case for entitlement approvals with evidence-based strategies and clear alignment with local housing objectives.

Housing advocacy

CommunityScale’s Housing Needs Assessment equips housing advocates with data-driven insights essential for promoting equitable housing solutions. Advocates can utilize our in-depth analyses to highlight areas of critical need and push for policy changes or development projects that address housing disparities. With our report, advocates can bolster their arguments with solid data, helping to shape compelling narratives for change and rally support for meaningful housing initiatives.